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6th Grade

Welcome to 6th Grade

Behavior Expectations

• Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind

Reteach, Retake & Redo Policy

**All students will have the opportunity to retake or redo assignments when they do not achieve a passing grade.
**Before the student can retake or redo the assignment or test, they must meet with their teacher to assess the extra help needed and/or complete an extra assignment before retaking.

Chromebook Expectations

**Students should bring their backpack, Chromebook, charger, and headphones to school every day.
**Students need to have working headphones in their backpack at all times.
**Chromebooks should be fully charged at home each night.
**If there are multiple occurrences of a student's Chromebook not being charged when they arrive at school, the Chromebook may be kept at school overnight to charge.